The People Project

The People Project is an initiative of Connecticut Public Broadcasting focused on building community and connection. 

People are hungry for connection. We bring ‘em together.

Institutions used to enable community. They don’t any more, including us, public media. So we’re going to fix that.

We focus on niche communities – usually ones that don’t have a voice or have been overlooked in the past. We listen. We figure out their needs and their culture. We build relationships with the influential people in these communities. And we make things – like stories, gatherings, on and offline experiences – that bring real joy, utility, and meaning to people. We make things that make their lives better. Out of these connections we ultimately enrich the human experience in our state.

Why? Because it’s our job. Public media was founded for everyone and we need to ensure it truly is FOR everyone and BY everyone.  It’s our job to connect and expose disparate communities to foster understanding and empathy, to give insight to the ways in which we are similar and the common ground that exists.  That’s our mission.

YUP (young urban professionals) is our first community based initiative focused on Hartford youth ages 14 and up. We specifically design experiences, content & tools for young people living in Hartford based on their feedback. The YUP community is about genuinely connecting and supporting each other.

If you or someone you know is a Hartford area youth, they can Text people to 31996 and receive our weekly YUP guide: local jobs, lucrative hustles, inspirational stories and upcoming events.

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