About Us


To connect and celebrate the people of Connecticut (and ultimately beyond) by creating content, programs, and experiences that add value to their lives and help rebuild community, restoring human connection and redeveloping a sense of trust.


  • People who [ENRICH THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE] care about making their community better (actively work to make a social impact on their community)
  • People who [CREATE SCENES] actively push the culture forward through introducing products, services or experiences in the local community
  • Trendsetting people who have something to say [DISTINCT POINT OF VIEW]
  • People who positively celebrate and represent their communities
  • People who believe LOCAL IS NOBLE

 Our Story:

CPBN (Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network) has been a traditional media company for over 50 years with a successful television station (CPTV) and radio station (WNPR), but last year we decided to try something different.  Instead of traditional media broadcast where we talk to the people, we wanted to help people talk to each other.

There were several factors that drove us to undertake this new strategy.  Most importantly, people are hungry for connection!  Our society is changing – people don't trust institutions, news, and media, they trust their peers.  Plus, the internet has forced us to disengage from each other, isolating us behind a screen.  In addition to these dynamics, we did some research and self-reflection that highlighted the need for us to diversify our audiences and innovate around new revenue generation as a public media organization, especially as we face potential cuts that may eliminate vital funding for our national programming.

We knew this approach needed to be different and needed to operate independent of our core business. So, we created a mini “startup” within the organization with a dedicated team of 3 divergent thinkers to lead a completely new strategy.

With support from our partners at Subculture, this team will identify niche communities in CT and use Human Centered Design to listen to the community members, get to know them, understand their wants and needs, challenges and goals.  We will take these learnings and brainstorm potential solutions to support those needs. Solutions like content, tools, and experiences that connect people, celebrate them, and amplify them. We will bring test models of these concepts out into the community, face to face, to gather feedback and iterate, always building for the people, always mindful to invest in an idea only with confidence. Once our team has a product or service that is valuable to the community and they love it, we will invest time and resources to improve the solution and scale it.

Our focus is to build subscription based “memberships” that add value to people’s lives, help bring us back together, help people be who they want to be.  As we build individual communities, we will stitch those communities together and thus stitch back together a true “public”.  Our revenue will support continued community growth and also one of our core public media offerings of unbiased, true Journalism.

Meet The team

(Mallory Mason, Megan Fitzgerald, Lauren Komrosky)